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Who knows?

For the curious

Welcome to 'Who knows?' The blog that keeps your curiosity alive with stimulating articles and thought-provoking interviews with interesting people.

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Okay, you are right, there is nothing such as the worst album in history. But if there were, you would have to seriously consider Niandra...

The voodoo president

Doctors save lives and use medicines. Instead, Papa Doc killed people and prescribed fear and voodoo. If you had been so daring as to...

Dostoyevsky in love (and pain)

Look at her, isn't she gorgeous? Just the kind of delicate beauty that would be attractive even today. She was also young, very young...

Can you marry... a robot?

In recent years, the number of people who marry themselves, their pet, the statue of liberty or a chandelier has increased. Obviously,...

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London, U.K.

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